Auto Direct Mail

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Auto Dealers; maximize your results with our turn key auto direct mail promotions. The Public Notice and The Important Consumer Alert are custom made to bring in buyers in difficult economic times. Tried, tested and proven hundreds of times, these two direct mail campaigns have broken nearly a hundred all time dealer sales records in up and down markets. Just read our testimonials to see how effective our service is. We have dozens of automotive promotions to choose from and if you don’t see anything you like we can create something you do! Whatever you want, AAI knows how to get results! We have conducted over two thousand Automotive Direct Mail Marketing campaigns for over 400 auto dealers. We are a small company with big Auto Direct Mail solutions. So, if you are looking for a company that will MAKE you money, not TAKE your money, call us at 1-866-530-5203 toll free for a professional proposal right now.