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Lots of companies provide direct mail promotions for auto dealers, cheap ones too. Some dealers are into saving pennies not making bucks. When it comes to price the competition is stiff, but when it comes to profits, aai shines. ROI is a buzzword for many, but for aai it’s a way of life. If our dealers don’t make a profit it is totally unacceptable to us. We call our clients right after every sale we conduct and all we want to hear is good news. We call ourselves Allied Advertising because we know we have to become allies with our dealers, both on each others side trying as hard as we can to turn big profits for our dealers every time. As a result we become partners in managing the automotive direct mail efforts for them in their market.

Auto dealers want one direct mail company that can do it all. Dealers are getting a flood of calls from our competitors and we know what many of you want to say, “We’ve got a direct mail company that’s fantastic, thank you,” and hang up. With aai you can say just that. aai has a dozen top promotions all tried, tested and proven to work over and over throughout the last 18 years with hundreds of dealers in all kinds of markets. Plus, aai is writing new pieces all the time to adjust to the current economic conditions, dealer incentives and market trends.

Finally, INSIGHT is what sets aai apart from all the rest of the mail houses. Larry Nathan, the owner and GM at aai sold cars for three years before he started his advertising career in 1980. Not many other direct mail company Presidents can say that! He knows through personal experience that the number one reason why customers buy from your lot is the salesperson. He also knows the number one reason they leave without buying is also the salesperson. That insight is the underlying force behind his marketing efforts and Mr. Nathan approves ALL marketing plans at aai before they go out. He knows that if the sales force does not buy into the promotion your sale is almost dead on arrival. Few dealers take the new direct mail promotion they are considering to the sales staff before buying. After reviewing the facts above, we advise you to do just that. Pass aai’s piece by the sales staff with all the others and see what they say.

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Larry Nathan

Larry Nathan’s Bio

Larry Nathan You will probably have to search a long time before you meet an advertising executive who has actually ever sold a car. It’s not their cup of tea. Well … Meet Larry Nathan. In college he majored in Television and Mass Communications. He says his real education came right after college in a 3-year struggle to be a top salesman of new and used cars.

It was 1980 when he wrote his first radio spot for an auto dealer and became one of the best advertising executives an auto dealer could ever ask for. Dealers quickly learned that Larry spoke their language. After 10 years of writing thousands of good television, radio and newspaper ads, Mr. Nathan found his niche in writing great direct marketing promotions for auto dealers nationwide. He fell in love with advertising that got direct response. He and his wife opened an office over his garage at his home in 1993 and gained immediate national attention by breaking 17 all-time dealership sales records in his first six months in business. AAI’s main office is now located in Medford, OR.

Today, he has delivered over twenty million pieces of mail for over 400 dealers coast to coast and is known for his ability to be “the first to adapt to current market conditions.” His bottom line mentality is, DOES IT SELL CARS? helps him to develop new promotions that bring in real customers. Mr. Nathan’s complete understanding of both advertising and auto sales makes him a very rare advertising mogul indeed. Maybe that is why the Los Angeles Times and Denver Post hired Larry as their personal automotive direct marketing consultant. They asked him to teach them how to conduct direct marketing promotions in their markets. Recognized as one of only a few really successful direct marketers in the nation today, your future is in good hands with Larry Nathan and the expert direction from his company, aai & associates.

Larry Nathan
Owner/General Manager
Marketing Consultant for the L.A.Times, Denver Post and now you!