Market Exclusivity

Allied Advertising, Inc. is one of the few direct marketing promotional companies that offers market exclusivity to it’s clients. Time and time again we have seen over the years that successful promotions are either copied or stolen by the competition right after the event proves itself. We can not prevent that. But what we can do is assure our clients that we will not sell the same promotion to anyone else in the same market for as long as we do business together. YOU GET MARKET EXCLUSIVITY.

Policy Definitions:

What is doing business?

Allied Advertising, Inc. considers “doing business” as actively placing an order with Allied for a direct marketing promotion at least once every quarter.

What is a market?

The area where you do the BULK of your business. Your market is the list of zip codes you select for your first promotion.

What is the same promotion?

Allied Advertising considers the same promotion to be the same envelope, and the same insert with the same title.
We prefer doing business with one client, in one market, once a quarter, every quarter. A steady stream of quarterly direct marketing promotions keeps you in control of your own market. In addition, placing a regular order once a quarter allows us the best opportunity to manage your customer base to its full potential for an indefinite length of time. You’ll consistently see better results when you receive MARKET EXCLUSIVITY from Allied Advertising, Inc.